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    As you have probably noticed there has been a severe lack of consistent content on the front page.
    To try and solve this issue we have been looking for people wanting to write for RoG and as a result we have had some front page posts made by users. But they are often inconsistent so we can't maintain a steady flow of new content to the front page.

    We believe part of this issue is the initial bump of creativity to come up with what you actually want to write about. Since most of us are more than capable of creating good content if they know what they want to write about/has the inspiration. Therefore we have created a list of article ideas that anyone are free to adopt and make their own article or article series if they decide they like writing them. Writers are also free to modify the names of the suggested articles, they are merely placeholders.

    The list underneath is the first itteration of ideas I could come up with, if you have ideas of your own to add to the list tell us in the forum bellow.

    1. What if - Article series where the writer makes an idea for a game(f-eks league), it can be a mechanic,ability, system etc and explain why they think it would be beneficial for the game.

    2. Patch predictions - As the name suggests it's a series where the writer tries to predict what effects an upcoming patch will have on champions/meta etc.

    3. Why competative picks does not work in soloQ(#rip) or vice versa - Could be done on a champion to champion basis or a general broad article.

    4. Riot's history with player feedback and why it might be that way - Could bring up single cases from past times or a broad article covering it all.

    5. Itemization robbery - A article series on why items intended for a certain class of champions get used or even utilized better by other classes and suggestions on how to fix it, champion, item or mechanic wise.

    6. Developer for a day - An article series where the writer designes an element for a game and then explain how it will work and why they think it would work for that certain game.

    7. E-sports coverage - Pretty self explanatory at its core. But it could fill several things as you can have several for the same game spezializing in different things and you could also have writers for several different games.

    8. How to improve[Insert game element here] - Very broad subject that could cover lots of different things.

    9. Off META of the month - The writer comes up with off meta picks or strategies that can actually work and explain how it works and why they mean its effective.

    10. Master Q&A - A article series where us casual plebs can ask questions to very high ranked players and get them answerd and then it is complied into an article to be more structured. It both gives more content and allows us to give exposure to threads like wrath's, it might also tempt people to create an account and get onto the forums to ask wrath themselfs.

    If any of them peak your interest please say so in the forum underneath so we can mark it as taken in the list.
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